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Do you have only a few computers in your classroom? Do you want to engage your students in a motivating project? Why not think about having your students create a multimedia slideshow which interweaves words and pictures, movies, voice narration and music.

ICT projects provide excellent opportunities for group interaction, which improve students’ collaboration, communication and decision-making skills. Multimedia learning projects provide an especially useful focus for reflecting on the interactions between individual and collaborative or team efforts (Richards, 2005). A group project relies on constant communication and understanding between team members as they work together to produce their final product. This builds a sense of worth and belonging as well as engagement in the project.

By collaborating, students can develop thinking and problem-solving skills. Specifically, students can learn to approach and solve new problems as well as project and time management skills. These skills will transfer across all Key Learning Areas and many related concepts and processes. Collaborative multimedia projects can be projects which have a duration of several days to lasting the whole term.

Another important aspect of a  collaborative project is the final product.  Student groups should publish their  multimedia project to an audience, whether that be their classmates or more preferable via CD or the internet to a wider audience. This  encourages greater application and commitment to the project and motivates students to improve the quality of the work.

Suitable software for collaborative projects can include PowerPoint, PhotoStory, imovie and Moviemaker. It could also involve collaborating with online Web 2.0 tools, like Google Earth, Google Docs, Picasa and VoiceThread.

Richards, C. (2005). The design of effective ICT-supported learning activities. Language Learning & Technology. 9 (1) 60-79.



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