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Notebook 10 and the Lesson Activity Toolkit are not just excellent tools for the teacher but can also provide a basis for creative activities for the student. When students are given the challenge of creating a puzzle or activity for others to solve, there is a high level of engagement. Not only are they applying the knowledge they already have or need to research, but they will also ‘step up’ the difficulty level so as to create a challenge for their peers.

SMART Notebook 10 provides a range of tools in their toolkit which teachers and students can use to create interactive activities for the SMARTBoard. Along with the wide selection of games, like sudoku, anagrams and word guess, there are also other activity templates like multiple choice, matching activities and sentence arrange.

Activities are easy to use – just drag from the Gallery and click the Edit button to add your own content. They can be used in all subjects and KLAs, and in all year groups. The activity can be saved and ‘played’ by other students. They are self-marking so students receive immediate feedback and reinforcement.


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