Here are a variety of wikis used in schools. Have a look and contribute a comment on possibilities for your classes …

Edublog Award winner Best Wiki 2007 : Welker’s Economics wiki

Bud Hunt’s Wiki: Created by Colorado teacher Bud Hunt and many educator-collaborators.

Educational Blogging Wiki: Supports the educational uses of blogs and contains links to student and teacher blogs.

High School Online Collaborative Writing: Features the collaborative writing of various high school students.

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki: Smart practices for libraries and the issues that impact them.

Westwood Schools Wiki: An online space for Westwood Schools’ students that includes a variety of student projects, including an insightful analysis of Web 2.0 tools.

SwarmSketch: Just for fun: This site allows you to contribute a single line to a drawing and then vote for the inclusion of other lines in the drawing.

Warlick’s Wiki: A wiki designed to support the presentations of education guru David Warlick, who speaks at Technology & Learning’s Tech Forum events.

Wikibooks: Collection of textbooks that can be edited by anyone.

WikiVille: A wiki where students can build stories about where they live.